5 Way to Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising

1. Cool Off

This trick requires nothing more than a stroll over to the thermostat. Turn the heater down a few degrees and you'll activate a type of body fat that actually burns calories. Adults have white fat and infants have brown fat. Brown fat burns calories to help generate heat.

2. Get Needled

Your nervous system seems to respond to one simple form—ear acupuncture—by suppressing your appetite. Acupuncturists target five points on the ears that are linked to hunger and digestion, overweight people begin losing weight—without dieting or working out.

3. Write It Down

Keep a food diary. Just tracking helps prevent you from overdoing it. And now it's easier than ever. Instead of having to meticulously write down everything you eat. Shooting photos of food actually work better than the pen-and-paper method.

4. Get up, Stand up

Sitting too much can add pounds. So think about setting up a standing desk for your computer, taking calls on your feet, and responding in person to emails and instant messages. Eight hours of standing while doing light office work burn nearly 500 more calories.

5. Take Evenings Of

Imagine not changing your current diet except for one small tweak: Eat only between the hours of, say, 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Seems doable, right? If you can pull that off, preliminary research suggests you could shed up to 12% of your current weight in the next three months alone.

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