5 Famous Bands Banned from Countries.

The Beatles

The BeatlesBanned from Israel in 1964; a committee ruled that they had no artistic merit and would cause mass hysteria among youths and hence got banned from the country.

The Rolling Stones

Banned from Japan in 1973; Lead singer Mick Jagger's drug convictions in 1967 and 1970 put the band on Japan's blacklist and were barred from performing.

Led Zeppelin

Banned from Singapore in 1972; As ridiculous as it may sound, the country had banned their men from sporting long hair and hence refused entry to the band.

Lamb Of God

Banned from Malaysia in 2013; the officials deemed the content of the lyrics of their songs as "blasphemous" and disallowed the band from performing.

Limp Bizkit

Lead singer Fred Durst was banned from Ukraine in 2015. The ban stemmed from Durst's interest in moving into Crimea which had been annexed by Russia in 2014.

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